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The MPi People - Put a face to a name..

  1. Alida van der Merwe
    Alida van der Merwe


  2. Brad Thorp
    Brad Thorp

    Manager Recruitment Operations

  3. Carly Kohler
    Carly Kohler

    Payroll Officer

  4. Gail Rogers
    Gail Rogers

    Senior Consultant

  5. Gary Kearns
    Gary Kearns

    Senior Consultant

  6. Jess Kerr
    Jasmine Cole

    Consultant - Candidate Services

  7. Jess Kerr
    Jasmine Hargreaves

    Recruitment/Office Administrator

  8. Jenny Spalding
    Jenny Spalding

    Administration Support

  9. Jess Kerr
    Jessica Kerr

    Manager - Special Projects and Recruitment Administration

  10. Keeli Robson
    Keeli Robson

    Senior Accountant

  11. Michelle Glossop
    Michelle Glossop

    Office Administrator/Reception

  12. Nicky O'Brien
    Nicky O'Brien

    Manager Business Support

  13. Nicole Reweti
    Nicole Reweti

    Managing Consultant

  14. Phoebe Plesko
    Phoebe Plesko

    Consultant - Client Services

  15. Samantha McCarthy
    Samantha McCarthy


  16. Samantha Spalding
    Samantha Ware

    Consultant - Client Services

  17. Sarah Felmingham
    Sarah Felmingham

    Senior Recruitment Administrator

  18. Sarah Piscioneri
    Sarah Piscioneri


  19. Scott Deakin
    Scott Deakin


  20. Shane Moore
    Shane Moore

    Manager Workforce Operations

  21. Stephanie Logan
    Stephanie Logan

    Senior Consultant

  22. Steve Heather
    Steve Heather

    Managing Director/Principal Executive Search

  23. Sue Heather
    Sue Heather

    Business Services Manager

  24. Suz Thorp
    Suz Thorp

    Supervisor - Commercial Accounts

  25. Tony Turton
    Tony Turton

    Principal Consultant