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The MPi People - Put a face to a name..

  1. Alida van der Merwe
    Alida van der Merwe


  2. Brad Thorp
    Brad Thorp

    Manager - Recruitment Operations

  3. Carly Kohler
    Carly Kohler

    Payroll Officer

  4. Gail Rogers
    Gail Rogers

    Senior Consultant

  5. Gary Kearns
    Gary Kearns

    Senior Consultant

  6. Jasmine Cole
    Jasmine Cole

    Consultant - Candidate Services

  7. Jasmine Hargreaves
    Jasmine Hargreaves

    Recruitment/Office Administrator

  8. Jess Kerr
    Jessica Kerr

    Manager - Special Projects and Recruitment Administration

  9. Keeli Robson
    Keeli Robson

    Senior Accountant

  10. Michelle Glossop
    Michelle Glossop

    Office Administrator/Reception

  11. Nicky O'Brien
    Nicky O'Brien

    Manager - Business Support

  12. Nicole Reweti
    Nicole Reweti

    Managing Consultant

  13. Phoebe Plesko
    Phoebe Plesko

    Consultant - Client Services

  14. Samantha McCarthy
    Samantha McCarthy


  15. Samantha Spalding
    Samantha Ware

    Consultant - Client Services

  16. Sarah Felmingham
    Sarah Felmingham

    Senior Recruitment Administrator

  17. Sarah Piscioneri
    Sarah Piscioneri


  18. Scott Deakin
    Scott Deakin


  19. Shane Moore
    Shane Moore

    Manager - Workforce Operations

  20. Stephanie Logan
    Stephanie Logan

    Senior Consultant

  21. Steve Heather
    Steve Heather

    Managing Director/Principal Executive Search

  22. Sue Heather
    Sue Heather

    Business Services Manager

  23. Suz Thorp
    Suz Thorp

    Supervisor - Commercial Accounts

  24. Tony Turton
    Tony Turton

    Principal Consultant