Faces of Mining

What is #facesofmining?

Well firstly, mining works best with humans! It can be tough, hot, cold, sweaty, complex – but humans endure that and make it work!

When Mining People International (MPi) kicked off our Instagram account we wanted it to be the place where the humans of mining come and share their photos and experiences in this industry using the #facesofmining hashtag.

We asked for mining images with lots of people in them so that we can share the human side of mining with the rest of world. The idea took off and it’s up and running in a big way, so come on mining humans, start photographing and join in the fun.

Give us your best shot

Do you live the mining life? If so, we'd love to feature you as part of #facesofmining. Tag your photo on Instagram with @miningpeopleinterntational or hashtag #facesofmining. Not on Instagram? Send us your photo.

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