Personal Career Guidance

We can support you through all stages of your career. Why not tap into our expertise?

Does one of these big career questions apply to you?

  • Do you need to set a clearer career pathway and plan to achieve it?
  • Do you want to stay in mining, but change to a different kind of role?
  • Do you need help assessing if your current job will help you achieve your long-term mining career goals?
  • Are you looking for a new mining job, either with your current employer or somewhere new?
  • Are you unsure whether your current mining job is the one you want to be in?
  • Are you thinking about leaving the mining industry altogether?

Career Guidance Session

Your session will be targeted to meet your individual needs.

Our team has extensive experience in the mining industry, including real, in-the-field experience – so you can be sure they understand you and your needs. They’re also experts in recruitment, human resources and career guidance.

Cost: $150

Meet Gail, our career guidance expert

Gail has been in the mining industry in one way or another her entire life. This has given her a fantastic insight into the attributes and requirements for many of the roles in the mining industry. This knowledge ensures she has the personal experiences and professional competency to help with your personalised career plan. As an expert in career guidance, she’s helped thousands of people build the mining careers of their dreams. She can do the same for you.