Interview Rehearsal and Coaching

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How well do you interview for a job? Could you be making mistakes or leaving an impression that, despite your skills and experience, means you miss out on your ideal mining job?

Have you:

  • Ever wondered why you didn't get past the first interview?
  • Not been interviewed in a long time and want to have a realistic practice interview with honest feedback and counsel?
  • Ever wondered if you are adequately answering the questions you are being asked in interviews?
  • Ever wondered if the feedback you are getting is real?

Practice makes perfect!

In our interview rehearsal and coaching sessions, our expert mining recruiters will assess your approach to interviews, provide honest and direct feedback and then work with you to help get you prepared for your interview.

If you want to improve your chances of landing that next great mining industry job, interview rehearsal and coaching is the proven way to do it.

Meet our career guidance expert

Gail Rogers has been with MPi for 16+years and in that time has done hundreds if not thousands of face to face and phone interviews from TA’s to Executives. Gail’s feedback and counsel will make you consider your answers to questions in an interview, the comments may challenge you, but a session WILL ensure you are prepared for your next interview.

Need career guidance?

We have a career services package that’s right for you. Find out more here.

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