Jobseeker Career Guidance

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Our team have qualifications and experience in mining industry specific; recruitment, human resource services, career guidance and education.

By tapping into this focussed expertise, we can support you through a career transition under a range of scenarios including the following:

  1. Where you are potentially exiting the mining industry.
  2. You may wish to set a clearer career plan and pathway to achieve it.
  3. You might be looking to stay in mining but change to a different mining role due to personal circumstances, a company specific or whole industry situation.
  4. Helping you assess if your current role will help you achieve your longer term career plan or not.

While our career guidance service is led by you, we bring a deep knowledge of the mining industry and related employment markets. We have staff with targeted career guidance and education qualifications and consequently can advise with all aspects of career planning, be that inside or outside, of the mining and resources sectors.

For a confidential discussion please connect with our Career Services Consultant, Gail.

Gail Rogers

Gail Rogers
Senior Consultant - Candidate Services & HR Consulting
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