Career Services Overview

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We can help you achieve the best mining career possible

Whether you’re ready for a new challenge, not sure how to take the next step or not sure what the next step is, our team of experienced, specialist mining industry careers experts can help you land your perfect next job in the mining industry.

Check out the range of services we have available, below, including our personalised career packages.

Before that though, here’s how you can be sure we’re the best possible people to help you take the next step in your career.

Who are we?

Since 1995 our team of specialist mining industry recruiters have been matching the right person to the right mining job. Our people come from the industry, so they understand your skills and experience and what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for help taking that next step in your career, our Senior Consultant of Career Services, Gail Rogers, is the best possible person for you to talk to. Gail grew up in mining towns, (Kalgoorlie and Leonora), spent more than 15 years on the mines and, since then, has spent another 15 years or more working in mining recruitment.

Over the years, Gail has helped thousands of people just like you rekindle their love of the industry, win the jobs of their dreams, find their next challenge, or supercharge their careers.

She’s qualified both in Human Resource Management and Career Development, so with these qualifications and experience, she’s extremely well-placed to help you – no matter what level of the industry you’re coming from or aiming for.

The career services we have available to help you

Our career services are individual, one-on-one sessions tailored to suit you. We listen to your wants, needs and questions and find the right solutions for you.

Here are the services we have available:

Pick and choose what’s right for you with personalised career packages

We know that several of the services could be of interest to you, all at the same time. So, we’re pleased to offer personalised career packages incorporating all the individual career guidance strategies you need from the list above.

Your package is tailored to suit your individual needs!

Whether you need a new resume for a job search or a complete career revamp, we have a level of package that will suit your situation and requirements.

Book an Appointment

Skills Assessment Questionnaire Phone Meet Face to face Meet Resume LinkedIn Review Cover Letter Career Session Cost(exc GST)
Copper $300.00
Nickel $400.00
Gold $600.00
Copper $375.00
Nickel $525.00
Gold $675.00
Copper $450.00
Nickel $640.00
Gold $790.00

This career services package includes a pre-appointment skills assessment, a phone call to discuss your resume requirements, an updated professional resume and a multi-use cover letter.


This career services package includes a pre-appointment skills assessment and questionnaire, a face-to-face meeting to discuss your resume requirements, an updated professional resume, a LinkedIn profile review and a multi-use cover letter.


This career services package includes a pre-appointment skills assessment and questionnaire, a face-to-face meeting to discuss your resume requirements, an updated professional resume, a LinkedIn profile review and suggested improvements, a multi-use cover letter, and an interview coaching or career planning session.


We’re always extremely happy to help executive-level mining professionals with their career progression. Executive coaching and resumes are tailored to the individual, so please ask us for more information about our packages and pricing.

Full Career Assessment Package

You can upgrade your package to include a full career assessment. That means you’ll also get the following reports:

  • Career Options
  • Career Development
  • Career Enjoyment Analysis

Let our professional team assist you

Each month we survey a large number of clients and candidates, to see what they thought about their interactions with us.

Over the past year, close to 90% of our clients and candidates have rated us as equal to or better than our competitors.

Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received about the career guidance sessions we’ve done.

‘Was a great meeting and I feel much more confident now.‘

‘Thank you for your time and counsel. I really appreciate and respect your knowledge of industry and insightful guidance.‘

‘The updated CV you sent though is brilliant and I have commenced my new role today with a lot to learn.’

Need career advice?

Mining People’s Careers Consultant, Gail Rogers, has vast experience in mining, recruitment and careers guidance.

She understands the industry’s challenges and can spot an opportunity. If you need advice, your career could not be in better hands.

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