Australian Mining

Is there anywhere I can get a list of mine sites located around Australia?

What are the minimum security requirements that I require to start work on a mine site?

Some mine sites will have different pre-employment security measures based on the type of mineral they are mining and their location in Australia.

Should you be considered for a role through us, we will advise you if you will need to obtain one of the following:

More information on other requirements and qualifications here

What Medical Requirements do I need?

We strongly suggest finding out the company & site requirements before organizing any tests to be done as medical results are only considered valid for a certain period of time. Different sites have different medical requirements and some are very strict. Completing these tests prior to seeking a job does not guarantee that you will be offered a role.

The most common situation is that once you have been offered a position you are then required to complete any medical requirements - the results of which are used as confirmation of suitability for the role and ability to work.

What Training Courses/Licences/Qualifications do I need?

Not all sites require the same qualifications. It is best to check with the company offering the position to find out their requirements before obtaining further tickets and training.

Site requirements can include a manual driver’s licence, Heavy Rigid (HR) licence, and a MARCSTA.

There are major universities in most Australian capital cities that run mining industry courses. There are also many training companies offering courses, and a simple internet search will be able to give you with a list of providers.

Please keep in mind that completing training courses does not guarantee that you will be offered a role.

More information on these requirements and qualifications here

I would like to enter the professional sector of mining. Are there any websites I could visit that may assist?

Yes, the following websites represent tertiary institutions that run specialised mining industry courses:

In addition to this, there are major universities in most Australian capital cities also running mining industry courses, either for 1st and 2nd year or, in some limited cases, for the full course length. The list above though is a good start.

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