Career Guidance

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Do you need help supporting your staff through a period of transition in their mining careers? Our experienced team of mining industry specialist recruiters and careers guidance experts can help with a range of transition scenarios, including:

  • Outplacement programs, whether for a whole mining company or an individual mine site
  • Helping your staff map out an alternative career plan and pathway
  • Helping your staff change careers or jobs due to a personal or industry situation
  • Helping your staff assess their current job in light of their career plan.

We can help your staff make that transition smoothly!

Our services include resume reviewing, interview coaching, online profile advice, career development advice and creating clear career optimisation plans.

Our career guidance service is led by the individual and their needs, but it is informed by our deep knowledge of the mining industry and related employment markets.

We have staff with targeted career guidance and education qualifications and, as a result, can advise with all aspects of career planning — whether that’s inside or outside the mining and resources sectors.

Meet our career guidance expert

Gail Rogers has been in the mining industry her entire life and is an expert in career guidance. She’s helped thousands of people build the mining careers of their dreams. She can do the same for your employees.

need career guidance?

We have a career services package that’s right for you. Find out more here.

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