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A new dawn rises for the Metals X - Nifty mine.

Since taking over the Nifty Mine some 24 months ago, Metals X has invested heavily into:

  1. The engagement of Telstra to install state of the art communication systems in the camp in early 2019
  2. Upgrades to the accommodation camp including modernising of in-room facilities about to commence
  3. Purchase of a new mining fleet for the underground operations
  4. Increasing the ore reserves and mine life to in excess of five years
  5. Reworking the underground stope schedules away from problem areas
  6. Significant upgrades to mining / processing and associated equipment
  7. A recent approval to transition from a 3 panel to 4 panel roster – to significantly improve employee wellbeing and staff retention
  8. Appointing a new senior management team to fastrack and support the resurrection and success of Nifty

The recently appointed senior Metals X management are serious about making Nifty a successful underground mining and processing operation and a truly attractive place for people like you to work.

Metals X have made the significant decision to change the roster on which the mine operates to make it far more attractive to their most important asset, it’s people.

From November 2018, the mine will be moving from a 2/1 roster to a 2/2 roster (14 days on / 14 days off) and as a result we need to recruit 70 people who want to engage in and be a part of the continued progression of Nifty towards becoming a stand out operation that delivers to its staff, community and shareholders.

Nifty will be one of the largest and most successful underground mines in Australia with your help.

MPi is pleased to represent Metals X and assist with this project and invites you to find out more by applying through the job links below.

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