Mining Administration/Clerical Jobs

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Administrators provide administrative support to ensure businesses run smoothly. The primary purpose of their position is to take over administrative tasks to free up time so other employees can focus their effort elsewhere.

For this reason, administration positions can involve a wide range of tasks including:

  • Data entry
  • Customer service: assisting with queries, answering phones, meeting visitors, ensuring areas are tidy
  • Producing reports
  • Researching information
  • Creating, formatting, editing and proofing documents
  • Administration of accounts
  • Booking relevant appointments, travel and accommodation
  • Maintaining confidentiality

Although administrative tasks can fall into the above categories, administration positions differ based on industry, the type of information they are dealing with and the level at which they operate. In mining, these roles can be metropolitan or site based and fall into the following areas and positions:

  • General administration: Receptionist, Administration Assistant, Data Entry, Personal Assistant
  • Payroll/accounts: Payroll Officer, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeper
  • Accommodation/camp/travel management: Site Administrator, Travel Coordinator, Liaison Officer
  • Human resources: HR Administrator, Recruitment Administrator
  • Specialist administrators: Project Administration, HSE Administration, Database Administration, Document Control, Maintenance Clerk
  • Executive support: Executive Assistant

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Business Services Consultant

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Azyll Paculanang
Consultant - Business Services
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Business Services Consultant

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Rebecca Sexton
Consultant - Kalgoorlie Workforce

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Career Guidance

Gail Rogers is our Senior Consultant who is dedicated to providing both Candidate Services and HR Consulting. In addition to Gail’s strong experience in career guidance, she has a long term background in recruitment and is an expert in organisational structures, position descriptions, remuneration research, employee dispute support and providing outplacement services.

Whether you are preparing for your next move, or wanting some guidance around career direction, Gail can assist you with:

Looking to get a start within the industry?

Our Promise is to be honest with you and advise you if we are not able to help. The vast majority of MPi's clients require us to present candidates with at least 12 months of recent Australian mining experience. Therefore, we recommend that people without Australian mining experience contact mining and contracting companies directly as they do sometimes directly employ candidates without Australian mining experience themselves.

Please refer to the FAQ section of our website here for more information on how to get into the mining industry. Additionally, we are affiliated with an organisation that specialises in assisting people get into the mining industry and we recommend you review their website at