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We’d like to hear your thoughts on the pay gap in the mining industry.

The gender pay gap has been hotly debated for quite some time now. What exactly is the pay gap, you might ask? It’s the difference between the average full-time weekly earnings of men and women across all ages, industries and roles. A recent Government report found that, while the gap is narrowing, there’s still a large discrepancy to the tune of $25,000. However, this does differ substantially between industries.

Do you think men are paid more than women in your workplace, for doing the same or similar work?
What do you think the gap looks like?
Why do you think this is?
Please rank in order the factors that you believe contribute to the pay gap, with 1 being the most important. Please note, you do not need to rank all options – just the ones you believe are important
  • Women taking career breaks (e.g. maternity leave)
  • Mining is a male dominated industry
  • There are simply more men with mining experience than women
  • Men are better at salary negotiation
  • There are not enough women with training in specialised mining areas
  • Women are less interested in working FIFO
  • Men are more likely to get promotions in mining
  • Previous salary affects what the person is offered
What is your gender?
Do you work in the mining industry?

Thank you for taking the time to give us your comments.

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