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Current Poll

Would you recommend a career in mining to a young person??

Experts say Australia’s mining industry is battling the worst skills crisis in a generation, which is being made worse because young people aren’t entering the industry. In this month’s poll, we want to know your thoughts and experiences with gen Z/zoomers (anyone born after 1997) and the mining industry.

Do you work with anyone under the age of 25 (and therefore a “gen Zer”, or “zoomer”)
What kinds of leave options would you find attractive in a new employer? (Choose up to five options)
When you’ve spoken to young people about your job in the mining industry, what is the general response you get?
Would you recommend a career in the mining industry to the zoomers in your life?
What generation do you consider that you belong to? (Dates supplied as a guide)

Thanks so much for taking part in this Mining People Polling/Media Centre poll. We’ll publish the results on our website next month. You can see the results of some of our other recent polls below!

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