Richard Branson

My letter to 25 year old me

I was sent a #ChallengeRichard to write a letter to the 10, 25, 50, and 65 year old versions of myself. As each stage in life was so different, I decided to pen four separate letters. Here's the second: My letter to 25 year-old me.

What's next?

Get your career on track

The concept of a 'job or career for life' is definitely something that is no longer a reality and with the changing pace of the global economy, automation and innovation, the jobs many people are in today, simply won't exist in the years ahead.


The 10 Most Expensive Minerals in the World

They are rare, exquisite, in demand or hard to find. The world's most expensive minerals run the human gamut of want and need - and they might not be the ones you expect.