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Beware the Barriers of Busy-ness

This article was contributed by Ian Berry and fits perfectly with our New Year theme of achieving our goals, staying focused and not getting swept off track. More about Ian can be found below.

Top tips

Top Tips and Pearlers

The mission of this page is to say "much more with much less'. Contributions are very welcome and will be acknowledged.

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The ROI of great recruiting

What is the cost of putting that diamond drill hole down in the wrong place? What is the cost of having to redevelop 25 meters of mis-directed U/G decline? What is the cost of having that Sag Mill or Concentrator stopped for 2 hours longer than it needed to have been? What is the cost to your company if your feasibility study comes in 3 months later than it could have.

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Mission 2008!

Welcome to 2008, and the first edition of MPi News. We've adopted a background theme for many of the articles in this newsletter. They are about Goal Setting and Getting and generally Getting Started early in the year. They're aimed at giving you the best chance possible to achieve whatever you want for this year.

by Steve Heather · Jan 08, 2008

Top tips

Top Tips & Pearlers!

This months Top Tips are a series of short sharp ideas aimed at motivating you towards your mission and goals for 2008.