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Time to reflect

Before we begin this edition of "MPi News", it is appropriate to reflect on what a wild ride the resources industry in Australia has experienced in just 18 months. From the massive fear and failures resulting from the GFC, more recently uncertainty around the on again/off again ETS, the on again/off again RSPT and then the news that so many terrific smart people were lost in one tragic accident in Africa.

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Self Monitoring Cultures

As the resources industry returns to a more balanced employment market, it is important that as a leader or manager you invest more time and money into strategies to retain your talent.

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Get Engaged

Let’s face it - the past 18 months were different. Prior to that time, the resources sector was experiencing a severe people shortage which was encouraging high employer engagement as companies tried to find smarter and more innovative ways to retain the staff they did have.

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You and Addictions!

Based on an article by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes of the Adizes Institute

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Where are you getting your Talent from?

The following article was based on excerpts from "The Source of Talent 2009" study produced by Phillip Tusing at Destination Talent and Michael Specht at Inspecht.