How to get ahead without sucking up...

At every title or level, there are people who feel undervalued, underestimated and under appreciated by their superiors and maybe even by their peers.


The good and not so good reasons for changing jobs...

The mining game has caused many of us to quit, look further afield and start again” - Lou Adler CEO, best-selling author, created Performance-based Hiring. Recent book: The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired

Miner in hard hat and PPE

Getting back to work faster, after a workplace injury

Source: While not specifically quoting mining industry statistics, this article found in the “HR Director” magazine in January 2014 stated some fascinating statistics that are likely to have relevance to ‘return to work’ factors (post workplace injuries) across all industries.

Government flyer

Incredible but true ...

Crucial leadership and negotiation lessons from our own paralytic Australian parliament of recent yea ... and the recent US Government shutdown.