MT Isa

This Mining Life: Mount Isa, QLD

Thanks to massive revenue, sustained annual growth and a 250,000-strong workforce, the mining industry is a vital part of Australia's economy.

Emerald Railway

This Mining Life: Emerald, QLD

With revenue of more than $200 billion dollars in 2011/12, a workforce of around 250,000 people and annual growth of 8% over the last five years, the mining industry is a huge, vital and a diverse part of the Australian economy.


Impress your date with a Menu De Degustation

One of the great advantages of a FIFO lifestyle is ample opportunity to wine and dine in your time off. But don't get stuck in the habit of taking your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to a familiar haunt - change it a bit and try something new.

Dump Truck

What are Open Cut Operators earning?

The salary survey data below has been taken from where you can compare your salary with others in the same skill group as you.