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Here we go again...

We trust you had an enjoyable festive period and reflected positively on the year just gone. To the year ahead it would seem as if things are gradually building up a head of steam and that we might be in for another wild ride, if not this year, then next.

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Confessions of a World Champion!

At the beginning of the year we turn our attention forward and ask “what next?” Before that though, the end of the previous year is a great time to firstly “take stock” of what worked and what didn’t in the year just gone, mend any broken bridges, make any corrections and use those to refine your goals for the year ahead.

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What Motivates?

Our regular readers will know we often quote articles by Steve Simpson from the Cultural Intelligence Newsletter. Steve is an international speaker; consultant and author.

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The 'team' is bigger than the individual

This article comes from a source we have quoted previously, that being Steve Simpson of Keystone Management Service. In Keystone's "Cultural Intelligence" newsletter Steve writes great practical and succinct stuff free of management speak.