National Police Clearance

What is a National Police Clearance (NPC)?
A NPC is a list of an individual’s previous criminal outcomes and pending charges that are deemed as disclosable at the time of applying for a NPC.

Why do I need one?
Many of the sites throughout the Mining & Resources industry require their staff, both contractors and permanent employees, to obtain a National Police clearance to be able to proceed to site. If you are going to work at one of these sites, you will be required to present a NPC in order to be cleared to go to site.

Rest assured that your personal information will be handled sensitively and appropriately as MPi acts in line with the  Privacy Act 1988.

How do I get one?

To submit your request electronically, follow the action list below. Alternatively, you can bring your 100 points of ID into any MPi office and we can complete the process face to face.


Contact us on our dedicated email address for more information.

Action list to obtain a NPC

To submit your application for a NPC please follow the steps below:

1. Complete a NPCS Informed consent form

Please make sure you go through this consent form carefully and be sure to provide accurate information. Download the form here.

2. Gather your 100 points of ID

As referred to in Section 2 of the Informed Consent Form, you must provide 100 points of ID. This ID needs to be certified by an approved person listed in Schedule 2 of the Statutory Declaration Regulation 1993. Alternatively, you can bring the true and original ID documents into a Mining People International office to be certified by an approved staff member.

3. Lodge your NPC documents

Lodge your NPC documents online using the link below and complete payment. Alternatively, you can also do this at a Mining People International office.

Start the NPC Process