6 reasons to hire an entry-level candidate

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The supply and demand for workers in mining shifts with the fortunes of the industry.

The supply and demand for workers in mining shifts with the fortunes of the industry — and in the last few years we’ve been on a steady journey towards demand for experienced workers once again outstripping supply.

The industry has now reached a skills shortage situation, with mining companies competing for a small pool of experienced candidates and, as we wrote recently, companies having to offer attractive salary packages to attract the best talent.

As a result, sometimes mining companies will need to wipe “X years’ of experience” off their checklist before submitting their request to recruit — because finding a candidate that meets that expectation is just not realistic. It’s time to look again at hiring entry-level candidates for certain positions.

If that’s happening at your company, don’t fret! There are many benefits that come with hiring a “greeny” that could put your workplace ahead of others in the long term:

1.      Entry-level candidates can provide new perspectives

Entry-level candidates often like to challenge “the way we’ve always done it” mentality and can bring fresh, new ideas to the workplace.

They’re good at questioning processes and can often see a better way of doing things that experienced people may not.

2.      Younger candidates can be at ease with technology

Many of our workplaces involve some form of technology, whether it is a data tool, online training matrix or purchasing system.

With technology at the fingertips of so many young, inexperienced candidates these days (let’s be honest; they’re practically born with an iPhone in their hands), they can make the learning and teaching process much easier.

3.      Trial periods often lead to something more

A contract role can be a great way to see how much potential an entry-level candidate or recent graduate has in the field.

You’ll get to see their skills and work ethic as an “intern” and might choose to bring them on as a permanent employee down the line.

4.      Help with projects or tasks you’re struggling to complete

Without any prior experience, these candidates are less inclined to have the “that’s not part of my job description” attitude when it comes to accepting ad hoc tasks or projects.

Indeed, they’re more likely to be keen, enthusiastic, and willing to take on new challenges and learn new skills.

5.      You can gain brand advocates

From an HR and recruitment perspective, the successful placement of an entry-level candidate can lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations spreading among others seeking employment within your company.

6.      They’re ready to go right away

Lastly, most entry-level candidates offered through a recruitment company have already gone through the pre-employment process to ensure they have everything they need in order to be “work ready” when that opportunity comes.

This means they can normally be mobilised much faster than candidates who have been headhunted or poached from their current workplace and need to complete notice periods.

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Dan Hatch
Mining People International