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Steve Heather, Managing Director and Co-founder of Mining People International (MPi).

How to look silly and damage your mining company brand when recruiting

A mallet about to smash an egg, symbolising brand damage in mining recruitment.

Want to know how to look really silly and damage your mining company brand when recruiting?

Do you want to know how to look silly, and damage your mining company brand when recruiting?

Yesterday we spoke to a trusted, high-quality candidate and they told us this amazing story about their experience applying for a job with a mining company we’ll call “XYZ Resources Ltd”.

“XYZ Resources Ltd became rather entertaining, to be honest. I was spoken to about the job by four different recruiters,” the candidate told us.


Here’s what those recruiters told this high-quality candidate

Recruiter Number One told me I wasn’t suitable,” the candidate said.

“Recruiter Number Two was supposedly the only one with the job.”

Recruiter Number Three also put me forward but I never heard from them again.”

“Then I spoke to Recruiter Number Four and they wanted to put me forward but didn’t because other recruiters had already done that. So they put another candidate forward, presumably to improve their chances of filling the job and securing a fee.”


What price do you put on your reputation?

We have been doing this work for 25 years and while this story sounds bizarre, we have heard so many similar tales on way too many occasions to dismiss them as fiction.

Seriously, to mining and exploration company employers: yes, there are some low-quality, unprofessional recruiters out there. But I have to be honest and say there are also some completely misinformed clients and employers who have no idea of the damage they do to their brand when they flick contingent assignments to multiple recruiters (who must also share the blame) in this dis-organised manner.

  • Employers – don’t ask recruiters to play this game.
  • Recruiters – if you are asked, don’t play.

Surely we can all (recruiters and clients alike) do better than this circus act?  If you are going to go external, select one recruiter who you trust and empower them to do the very best they can for you.  If you choose correctly, you will be amazed at the results they can deliver.


If you want to ensure your mining company brand is represented to the candidate market, with the highest level of professionalism, please contact me today for an explanation of our retained or targeted executive search service and I will put you in touch with one of our experts.


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Steve Heather – BAppSc (Mining Engineering) WASM, FRCSA

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