One thing you can do right now to increase your chances of getting a mining job

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What’s the number one thing a jobseeker using a recruitment company to find a new mining job can do to give them the best possible chance of securing it? The answer might surprise you!

It all comes down to something your recruitment consultant does behind the scenes – processing your information ­– and how engaged you are with that process.

Processing your information doesn’t just mean uploading your resume to the database and waiting for a vacancy to come through. To be able to easily identify you for roles that suit your experience or transferrable skills, a recruitment consultant reviews your resume along with any information you provide them with and essentially “tags” your skills against your profile.

Keep your registration up to date

When a recruiter conducts a search in their database for a skill, if your profile is tagged with that skill, it will come up in a list of matching candidates. The recruiter will then review your profile before calling you to discuss your interest and suitability.

So, here’s the trick – and how you can help ensure you’re one of the people who gets a call.

If a recruiter has a list of hundreds of candidates with the exact same skill set, how do they decide whom to call first? It’s simple, really. At Mining People our database is structured so that the list of names is presented to us with the candidates who have been in contact with us most recently at the top.

That means that if you updated your profile, gave us a call, or dropped in to the office in the last couple of days, your name will likely be somewhere near the top of the list – and you’re more likely to get a call.


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Arguably the single best thing you can do to increase your chances of getting a mining job is to register with an experienced, well-connected and specialist mining industry recruiter. But, having done that, the very best things you can do are:

  • Keep your registration up to date with any new skills or information
  • Keep in regular contact with your recruiter throughout the process.

Getting past the gatekeeper

Obviously, the job-finding process doesn’t end with that phone call – there are many more steps in the process – and doing both of the above things will also help you with the crucial next step: what you might call “getting past the gatekeeper”.

Once your recruiter has spoken with you about the position and you both feel the role is right for you, the consultant will prepare a summary to send to the mining company alongside your resume and any relevant tickets and supporting documents.

When a recruitment consultant prepares your summary, they don’t just highlight that you have the right skills for the job; they also “humanise” your application, so the mining company can understand a bit more about you as a person than they might glean from a resume.


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The better your recruiter knows you, the more enthusiastically they can promote you. This is how your consultant really helps to get you “past the gatekeeper”. And keeping your registration up to date is crucial to that.

(Rest assured, at Mining People we will never send any information to a mining company without your permission first, and all our conversations are entirely confidential.)


No matter what your mining skill set, Mining People is likely to have the perfect job for you. You can sign up for our Job Alerts here, or register with us here and find that right job. We have been mining industry recruitment specialists for more than 25 years.

Kylie Nunweek
Mining People International