Poll: Are mining salaries and wages now on the rise?


This month's MPi poll asks whether mining salaries and wages are on the rise. What’s your experience?

When did you last receive a pay rise?

After years of cost cutting, many mining companies are now reporting their production costs have started to increase. It was a popular talking point at Diggers and Dealers in Kalgoorlie last month. The industry’s leaders, perhaps obviously, aren’t keen to see mining return to the crazy wage-growth conditions seen before the end of the last boom, where salaries and wages were increasing by 10 to 20% a year.

Eventually, those conditions helped make many mining operations uneconomic.

Then the bust came.

With mining well on the way to a return to the good times (even if we don’t yet want to call it a boom), companies are already dealing with a skills shortage and have been scrambling to find people to fill key mining jobs. So, has that already started to put upwards pressure on mining salaries and wages?

In this month’s Mining People poll, we want to know what you’re seeing out there in the field.

Let us know what you’re experiencing. To take part in this month’s poll, visit the Mining People Polling/Media Centre here. It only takes a few short seconds.

Dan Hatch
Mining People International