Summer holidays are over!


Raise your hand if you started your break over the festive season with great intentions of finally getting around to those jobs you always seem to put off at weekends or R&R?

Raise your hand if you started your break over the festive season with great intentions of finally getting around to those jobs you always seem to put off at weekends or R&R?  I had a to-do list for the 18-day break I had over Christmas. Guess what? I didn’t get to any of it! And I’ve decided not to worry about it.

Life is busy, and life is short.

Despite all the labour-saving devices; a minicomputer attached to most of us 24/7 listing all our events, tasks and appointments; and the ability to outsource just about every task required, we all seem to get busier every year.

Regardless of personal circumstances — large families, small families, families with preschoolers, families with teenagers, or singles with no children — everyone answers with how busy they are when asked, “how are you?”

Life may be busy, but life is also short.

So instead of the list of jobs you didn’t complete over your summer break, make a new list of the things you did.

Your list could well include:

  • Had an awesome Christmas Day with family and friends
  • Read that book I’ve been meaning to read for months
  • Watched that series on Netflix or Stan or watched movies that I’ve been adding to my list
  • Caught up with friends and family
  • Watched the sun rise on New Year’s Day
  • Spent a day shopping at the sales
  • Had a fantastic holiday
  • Took the kids bike riding, to the movies, etc.
  • Camped under the stars
  • Played golf every day for a week
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • ???

Taking the time to do the things you enjoy should not be left till you have a holiday or a break over the festive season. Time off, downtime, whatever you want to call it is important mentally and physically for every single one of us, regardless of circumstances. Making time for hobbies, sport, socialising or time away should be managed the same way as planning for the tasks and responsibilities at work. Add them to your list, your diary or your planner for the year ahead.

More companies are offering flexible work arrangements to employees regardless of the employee’s reason. Whether it be family, study, just to have a day off mid-week to play golf, or simply to go and spend a child-free day at the beach.

For many people though, changing to flexible work hours isn’t possible and they need to find lifestyle balance in other ways. Choose what to focus your energy on outside of work. Prioritise time for the things that are important to you and your family. Ask yourself, does it really matter that the paths aren’t swept, the lawn’s not mowed, or there’s dust on the bookshelf?

Health direct has published 8 great tips to achieve a balanced life.

With a bit of planning and reprioritizing, the next time someone asks you how you are you can give a different reply. Work can be busy, but you don’t always have to be when you’re away from it.

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Gail Rogers
Senior Consultant - Candidate Services & HR Consulting
Mining People International

Gail worked in operational and technical mine site roles for 15 years and has been with MPi since 2002 in mining recruitment and executive search and eventually mining career guidance and human resources advisory positions. Gail’s 15 years directly in the mining industry, across residential, FIFO and CBD based roles, has given her a unique perspective into the industry.