What do regional mining towns really need to do?

Mine blast

Regional mining towns like Kalgoorlie, are complaining loudly that they cannot attract people to live in their towns. We have been invited by the city of Kalgoorlie/Boulder to contribute to some research, to help understand what might make Kalgoorlie more attractive to move to.

What things do you think mining employers and town councils, would need to do, to encourage you to move to places like Kalgoorlie Boulder?

  • Subsidise housing and living costs for local residents
  • Subsidise private education for local residents
  • Pay higher wages to local residents
  • Provide additional annual leave
  • Offer cheaper airfares for local residents
  • Provide tax relief and tenure bonuses for residential mining employees
  • Employ unskilled labour and offer training
  • Run better marketing campaigns
We'd like to know what you think,  take part in our poll here.