How much are engineers earning in mining right now?

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It's now easier than ever for engineers in the mining industry to compare their salaries to their colleagues' salaries.

Job opportunities for mining engineers in the mining industry in Australia have grown significantly in the past year or two, as the industry experiences a welcome uptick.

While demand for mining engineers is far lower than the highs of the boom period between 2008 and 2012, the Engineers Australia Engineering Vacancies Report released last April clearly showed more and more opportunities were becoming available in the mining engineering field.

So, how much can engineers hope to earn in the mining industry in the current market?

Find out how much engineers are earning in mining

To make that information easy to find out, and to make sure anyone interested in an engineering job in mining has that information at their fingertips, Mining People International has created a Salary Search website. Using the site, you can find the median annual salary, based on constantly updated data from the industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the information available.

Mining engineering jobs

Using mining engineering jobs as an example, the first piece of information the site tells you is related directly to salary. Here’s what it says.

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The site also allows you to break down the data further, according to several sub-classifications.

But it’s possible to break that down further, to look at the salary levels of non-supervisory, senior and management engineering jobs. Here’s the figure for mining engineering managers.

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Other sub-classifications you can break down the data by include:

  • Predominant commodity
  • Job type (full-time, part-time, etc.)
  • Roster
  • Job location
  • Employer size.

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The site will also give you a little more data you might be interested in, including the education levels and experience of the people doing those jobs.

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Compare your mining salary today

The Salary Search site has a great function that allows you to put your salary details into the system and compare your salary to the rest of the industry. You can access it for free, online, here .

Dan Hatch
Mining People International
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