How to IMPRESS at your next interview – must read insider tips from a top recruiter

The MPi team has been getting a lot of queries lately about how you guys (the job seekers) can ramp up your chances of landing your next job.

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The MPi team has been getting a lot of queries lately about how you guys (the job seekers) can ramp up your chances of landing your next job.

Whether you are currently working, but thinking of moving on, OR actively looking for your next role, there is always things that you can do to stand out from the crowd (and in a good way)!

One of our long-time mining recruiters here at MPi, Kylie, has packaged up six need-to-know tips that will help you impress at your next interview!

1. Research

Before you go to your interview, you will be far more prepared if you know something about the company. We don’t mean you need to write a 10 page essay on the company’s entire history – just check out their website and see what they’re about (i.e. what sites they work on, some of their key services and their company values).

2. What to wear

Okay guys, we know that choosing what to wear is the last thing on your mind, probably on par with the list of chores your partner has left you to do on your week off! But what you wear to an interview can seriously help you lift your game. Just use Kylie’s rule: Dress for the role. So for Workforce roles, it’s okay to wear work gear, just make sure its not yesterday’s grotty overalls.

3. Put your phone away

Didn’t your mother ever tell you “no texting at the table!?” When meeting with your next potential boss, make sure you give them 100% of your attention. This shows you are willing to do all you can to get a job. Texting, Facebooking, or checking out the latest footy results on your phone in an interview is a big NO NO!

4. Ask questions

You will seriously stand out by firing off a few questions to your interviewer. However, make sure you do this at the right time (usually towards the end of the interview). Specific questions about the job itself are always good, or if you really want to be an A+ interviewee, ask them something like: “as an employee in your company, how can I go beyond your expectations?”

5. Attention and body language

Eye contact is always a good thing. Even if you’re not totally comfortable with it, at least look in the general direction of the interviewer – roaming eyes is just about as off-putting as stinky overalls! Also, an interview doesn’t usually go over 30 minutes, so try to avoid fiddling, crossing your arms or sitting sideways in your chair.

6. Follow up

The most important thing at the end of your interview is to get an idea of how the process will go from here. If they say they’ll get back to you, ask when you should expect their call or if it’s okay to contact them in a few days if you’ve not heard back.


We hope our top six interview tips will help you in your next interview! In the meantime, if you have any questions for Kylie or the MPi Team about how to improve your interview techniques, or would like to share some of your interview secrets, comment below!

From the MPi Team.