Is it time to be flexible on candidate suitability?

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A skills shortage is on, so how can the mining industry fulfil its recruitment requirements?

With recent news articles and discussions about the increase of mining job vacancies on the rise, it’s fair to ask how we as an industry are going to fill all these positions. How long will it take? Where will all these skilled or non-skilled candidates come from?

The answer could require some flexibility.

A change in thinking about recruitment

As Recruitment Consultants, the purpose of our role is simple really- to take a job brief from a client and search for the best candidate to fill that position based on the skills and experience our client requires.

But at a time of severe skills shortages, it’s not always that straightforward.

Obviously, clients pay us to find the right person for their team and we’re often told “we need A, B and C”. But what if we were to say “sorry, we can’t find you A, B and C, but can find you A and B or C and B”?

Does not matching every single criterion completely stop this person from securing a role? Should it stop them even getting a look in?

Sometimes the key to filling that vacancy sooner rather than later is to be flexible with your demands.

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4 ways to fill a mining job vacancy faster

Here are four options we know from experience will help you fill your vacancies quicker:

  • Can scheduled training sessions be provided to upskill your “nearly ideal” candidate? If not, can they work alongside someone and learn as they go? Chances are it probably won’t take them long to pick up the skills they need.

  • Focus on what skills they do have and see where they can be used, rather than focusing on the skills they don’t have.

  • Hire based on attitude, rather than skills. There’s an old saying in the recruitment business: “skills can be taught but attitude is forever”.

  • If they are missing a ticket or two, most candidates are willing to organise and pay for this themselves if it means getting a job. Can the start date be pushed back a few days to allow for this?

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So, if you have a vacancy that you need assistance with and have been struggling to fill, contact the team at MPi today for a chat.

Jasmine Cole
Mining People International