Poll: Tell us which roster you like best


For April’s MPi poll we want to know which roster FIFO mining workers prefer and why.

When it comes to mining rosters, everyone who works FIFO has a preference.  


For some people, it’s about maximizing the length of their home swing so they can travel, spend time with their kids or perhaps make progress on a home renovation. Others want to maximise their salary, so want to be onsite, working as much of the year as they possibly can. 

In this month’s Mining People Poll, we want to know which is your preferred roster and why. 

Testing roster preferences amid new priorities 

It’s an interesting time to ask the question because the results of our February poll have turned a lot of traditional thinking about what FIFO workers want from their jobs on its head. 


In recent years, having a good work-life balance has been the primary motivator for people in mining to change jobs — far outstripping salary and career development concerns. 


But the February poll revealed salary was now the top motivator for 43% of respondents, followed closely by career development for 40% of people. Work-life balance was languishing behind at 13%. 


While rosters do impact salary somewhat, in our experience the major reason a FIFO worker might prefer to work one kind of roster over another comes down to the work-life balance it gives them. So, in this month’s poll, we want to see whether the shift in priority we saw in February’s poll also flows through to the rosters FIFO workers prefer. 

Tell us your roster preferences 

Has your roster preference changed? And why? We want to know.  


The poll is open for all of April and answers are completely anonymous. Keep an eye out on our newsroom to see the results in early May. 


Take part in this month’s poll here. 

Dan Hatch
Mining People International