Top Tips and Pearlers

Top tips for you!

Pearler # 1 In a busy world….

  • Your ability To say “NO”, is far more valuable than your ability to say “YES”.
  • Your ability to manage anxiety, ambiguity and uncertainty is more valuable than the Finance MBA.
  • Never accept an appointment for a meeting or dinner, just because there is a free space in your diary. Always look at the whole week/month, to gauge how much “free space” you have left yourself.
  • Ensure your next long weekend is always booked and never more than 13 weeks away.

Pearler # 2 Keep your mouth shut and listen on a regular basis….

Surprisingly this makes the other person experience you as a strong communicator.

Pearler # 3 The kitchen and the toilet is where the action’s at….. 

The best place for HR Managers (and people facing CEO’s) to have their office, is in the hallway leading to the toilet or the staff kitchen.

Pearler # 4 Love / Hate relationships....

If they’re not the only ones, they are at least surely the best ones, presuming compassion sits in there too, to moderate the heat.

Pearler # 5 Success is….

  • Becoming all that you were created capable of being.
  • Doing the best you can with what you were given.
  • Accepting life as it is.
  • Developing and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Recognising life as a series of opportunities and possibilities.
  • About building good relationships.
  • Bringing out the best in others.
  • Developed directly from a clear sense of direction and purpose.
  • About action.
  • About maintaining the highest of standards in your personal conduct.
  • Understanding the difference between knowing and living.
  • Loving life.
  • Continuously learning; about life, the world and yourself.


As quoted from the Maverick spirit newsletter and with reference to the book “Life’s Greatest Lessons – 20 things that matter” by Hal Urban. The Maverick Spirit web site was created by Wayne Mansfield. Wayne runs “Business Seminars Australia” - Excellence in Business Education. He can be contacted at Email: or Alternatively Phone (+61 8) 9221 0922, Fax:  (+61 8) 9221 0933 or