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  1. Alida van der Merwe

    Consultant - Mining & Geology

  2. Azyll Paculanang

    Consultant - Business Services

  3. Chene van Deventer

    Office Administrator - Kalgoorlie

  4. Chloe Shaw

    Consultant - Workforce & Labour Hire

  5. Ethan Gallagher

    Ethan Gallagher

    Consultant - Candidate Sourcing

  6. Gail Rogers

    Senior Consultant - Candidate Services & HR Consulting

  7. Gary Kearns

    Principal Consultant - Safety & Environment

  8. Jasmine Cole

    Senior Consultant - Processing & Maintenance

  9. Jessica Kerr

    Manager - Special Projects & Onboarding

  10. Kaitlyn Clews

    Consultant - Workforce Kalgoorlie

  11. Keeley Pemberton

    Coordinator - Onboarding & Support

  12. Keeli Robson

    Senior Accountant

  13. Kerrie Adamson

    Supervisor - Business Support

  14. Kylie Nunweek

    Manager - Workforce Kalgoorlie

  15. Lindsay Craig

    Practice Leader - Executive Search & Board Appointments

  16. Mario Saseve

    Consultant - Client Services

  17. Melissa Souris

    Payroll Officer

  18. Noelle Ward


  19. Rebecca Sexton

    Consultant - Workforce Kalgoorlie

  20. Samantha Duff

    Consultant - Workforce Kalgoorlie

  21. Sarah Felmingham

    Supervisor - Operational Projects & Onboarding

  22. Sarah Jardine

    Consultant - Candidate Sourcing

  23. Scott Deakin

    Managing Consultant - Geology & Mining

  24. Shane Moore

    General Manager - Workforce Operations

  25. Stephanie Logan

    Managing Consultant - Processing & Maintenance

  26. Steve Heather

    Managing Director/Principal Executive Search

  27. Sue Heather

    Manager - Business Services & CFO

  28. Suz Thorp

    Supervisor - Commercial Accounts

  29. Tony Turton

    General Manager - Professional Technical

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Dynamic. Different. Unique. Want to know why?

There are literally hundreds of recruitment consulting vacancies being advertised again. It seems everyone is back building their business teams. We've read many of those adverts and they all communicate a common theme. MPi IS different, and we make no secret of it.

  • We never mis-represent anyone, we own our mistakes, then fix them.
  • Every candidate who applies with MPi gets a reply, everytime.
  • We're experts in our field and we don't say yes to everyone.
  • A large proportion of our permanent recruitment is retained.


Become an MPi'er

Stephanie Logan - Senior Consultant

"I joined MPi in October 2011 as part of the Perth Workforce team as a Consultant and I am now the Team Leader for the business unit. I came from a recruiting background but not within Mining and since starting I have learnt so much working with everyone at MPi including ex-industry people who answer my endless questions. I am very grateful for the support and training I have received over the years being with MPi.It’s such a different place to work compared to where I previously have with fund raising for charities, staff lunches and game afternoons thrown in. It’s such a team environment & I am grateful for all I have learnt (and continue to learn) while working with MPi."

Samantha McCarthy - Consultant

"I started with MPi in July of 2011 as an Office Administrator/Receptionist. Since then, I was promoted into the position of Recruitment Administrator and for the past 18 months have worked as a Recruitment Consultant based in our Kalgoorlie branch. Working in the recruitment industry was always a dream of mine and to this day, there has never been a moment of doubt that MPi is the place for me to be. I believe myself to be privileged to work for such an extraordinary, family-oriented company where I get the pleasure of assisting workers to find employment, speaking to clients on a daily basis and working with a team of professionals that make coming to work a joy. Every day presents new challenges and triumphs – we set team goals and we stick to them. If you’re looking for a company that truly values each employee as a name and not a number – MPi is certainly the company for you!"

Samantha finished with MPi in May 2017.

Michelle Glossop - Senior Administrator/Office Support

"I first started with Mining People in August of 2014 as a Recruitment Consultant. Since starting, I have decided to steer my career in a different direction and have taken on the role of Senior Office Administrator. MPi is a very supportive and encouraging place to work, the staff here are very friendly and welcoming. Working for MPi gives me a sense of being a part of a family, not just an employee in a business."

Michelle was with MPi from August 2014 to August 2015.

Jasmine Hargreaves - Recruitment/Office Administrator

"MPi is the most unique company I have worked for, and in a good way! When I started with Mining People I was welcomed with open arms and within my first day, felt like I was part of the family. When I say family, I mean literally like a family! Working from the Kalgoorlie office, it feels like there isn’t even 600km’s between us and our Perth office. We all work really closely together and if anyone has issues, problems or questions, they can be comfortably asked and resolved. Mining People is an amazing company with great values for our employees, clients and candidates and I am proud to be a part of it!"

Jasmine finished with MPi in March 2017.

Gary Kearns - Senior Consultant

"I started with MPi in August 1998. One of the first things I noticed in the early weeks was the support and encouragement from the leaders in the business. I have been an MPier for the best part of 17 years and this team culture remains but is now driven by the entire MPi team.

MPiers are supported and encouraged to continue their professional development and I have been presented with numerous opportunities through training and seminars to continue my journey.

Over and above all of this though, the thing that I think makes MPi standout from the crowd is the people. We attract the most amazing people work with us. It makes it a great place to work."

Sach Corbett - Business Development Administrator

"I started with MPi in January 1999. MPi’s culture is quite unique and initially it was a culture shock as I had never had to look in the mirror and dig deep within myself before. After realizing I needed to do this to move forward in my life, MPi was there for me every step of the way to nurture and mentor me. I left in 2005 to pursue a life overseas but neither of the two jobs I held there compared to MPi's culture and personal touch.

I returned to Australia in late 2009 and I was very humbled to be offered a job back at MPi. One very inspirational person at MPi once said to me years ago "for things to change, first I must change"... I've carried that around with me ever since. If only we could bottle this motto and roll it out into today’s society."

Sach was MPi from September 1999 to October 2005 and then again from November 2009 to September 2012.

Mike Warren - Senior Consultant

"I like to describe Recruitment as “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” and Mining People is an example of exactly that. As part of my job I love having the chance to get out and about on mine sites all over Australia. I get to meet managers and professionals involved in operations where my passion lies: metalliferous producers.

After ten years of recruiting I still enjoy the buzz of helping a Manager with an excellent hire that makes a difference to his or her department. Then of course there’s the chance to assist people with fantastic job opportunities as we deal with some great clients and employers of choice."

Mike was with MPi from May 2008 to November 2012.

Tony Turton - Principal Consultant

"In 1995 I was working as a General Mine Manager. After I resolved that I wanted to remain connected to the mining industry but no longer wanted to either live residentially or FIFO to site, I took a huge leap of faith to take my career in a whole different direction: recruiting.

To say I was challenged was an understatement. It's probably fair to say that my strong technical background actually detracted from my ability to become a recruitment consultant. However, with a large degree of persistence I am now a well regarded and respected Principal Consultant, where Senior Managers and Mining Executives ring me to ask my professional advice about recruitment or even their own personal career aspirations. Did I see this when I first ventured in to recruitment – no way. That I am at this place today is testimony to the support and encouragement of my fellow MPi'ers."

Stuart Merrick - Senior Consultant

"I'd spent most of my life mining in Africa and Australia and ended up as GM of a large site when I decided my next move was to start a business. I didn’t earn millions, but I did learn a great deal. My next big change suited me far better, when I joined Mining People International. Just imagine: A 59-year-old ex mine manager starting a new job, in a new career, in a new field, with no experience! Some doubted I could be retrained. But not MPi. Their entire team were there to help me and though I asked many questions daily, all were patiently answered (often more than once).

I've been here now for over seven years now and I’m still going strong. At MPi, we truly care for our people and make 'family friendly' mean something. We celebrate success and lift people when they’re down. And though we work very hard, we have fun.."

Gail Rogers - Senior Consultant

"I joined MPi in July 2002 as part of the Kalgoorlie Workforce Team. After a few years, I moved back to Perth and began working on the roles I am still working on today – Metallurgy and Mineral Processing. The geographical area I work with is truly international; operations from Australia to Mexico, Egypt and Mali. I have learnt an awful lot about the world, the mining industry and myself during my time with MPi."

Janelle Pack - Consultant

"My time at MPi has meant so much to me! I have enjoyed every aspect of my job, from Administration, to Candidate Sourcing and Consulting.

I also enjoyed all of the different site visits and the challenge of building new relationships with our clients and candidates.

I also really enjoyed being a part of the MPi family and culture; everyone’s so social, friendly and caring but at the same time you know you are working with a team of people who share the same targets as you do and are just as dedicated and motivated to reach those targets."

Janelle was with MPi from February 2007 to September 2010.

Jessica Kerr - Recruitment Administration

"It’s been just over 5 years since I started at MPi and I can still say that I learn something new every day. My background is in fine arts & design, so MPi took a bit of gamble in taking me on in the role of Recruitment Administrator when I started! Fast forward to now & my current role is Manager – Special Projects & Recruitment Administration and I love it. It means I get to work closely with the admin & process side of our business, as well as doing lots of interesting work in new projects for the company.

Every day at MPi is different and the people are fantastic. The culture here is about learning and growing people, and I have been lucky enough to have learnt so much in the time that I have been here."

Nicole Price - Managing Consultant

"I started with MPi 12 years ago and after commencing in Administration, I then moved into a Workforce consulting role where I spent 8 years working on every blue collar type role you would find in a mining environment! I’ve recently joined our dedicated Business Services team and I am really enjoying increasing my experience within the HR, Admin and Supply disciplines. Over the 12 years, as you can see, I have been offered so many different opportunities and it is still really exciting to get up and come to work each day.

I have had the opportunity to visit many different sites, I have been in a dump truck, walked through a processing plant and spent time in a laboratory. It’s great to get the steel capped boots out and not just sit in an office each day. Although, there is always fun to be had in our office, with social events and celebrations rather frequently!"

Nicole was with MPi from 2003 to 2017.


Michiel Van Doorn - Commercial Manager

"A 23 km walk can be fun or a test of endurance. Try taking a leisurely Sunday stroll from old Kanowna township to central Kalgoorlie in the blazing October sun. The road gets so hot your shoes nearly melt. Scoffing down water hardly replaces the sweat evaporating from every pore in your body. As the destination shimmers into sight, simply placing one foot in front of the other becomes a test of endurance. Luckily a cool shady tree and a box of Red Rooster greets us as we stumble over the finish.

All for the love of MPi and with a vow to repeat the torture again next year. That's the magic and the lure of the Balzano barrow race and MPi."

Michiel was with MPi from September 2004 to September 2013.

Sarah Felmingham - Senior Recruitment Administrator

"I have been with MPi for almost 3 years and in that time, my workmates have become my second family.

From the moment I started here, I have grown professionally from the opportunities I have been given to learn and challenge myself. I have grown on a personal level, too, with the support and encouragement I receive on a daily basis from my peers.

There is never a dull moment here at MPi and I love it!"

Shane Moore - Manager Workforce Operations

"Coming out of large mining supply/service company I was a little daunted at what to expect from my new employer, after all I had been working for my previous employer for 11 years!

I started out in a Senior Consultant role in Kalgoorlie and was warmly welcomed by colleagues and management alike. Soon after, I received a promotion to Kalgoorlie Branch Manager and received the constant opportunity to stretch and grow through business and personal development programs, as well as work with a team that knew it was completely fine to challenge, give feedback to and provide tough love. My story goes and grows on through till today which is now 10+ years since joining MPi – I am now the Operations Manager of our Workforce teams and hold responsibility for the overall group in terms of sales management.

MPi is truly a team that offers growth in both a personal and professional sense, as well as a team that truly have respect for each other. We push and work hard and on the flip side we sure know to hold a social gathering."

Alida van der Merwe - Consultant

"It's been 3 months already since I started working at MPi. I can honestly say it has been an amazing 3 months. Not only have I met some amazing people, but I have also learned a lot about myself and the other side of mining. With my geology background, this was the ideal position for me to still be part of mining, but have the freedom to be home every night and be able to work with people. I meet amazing candidates and clients every day and I hope I can give back to mining what mining has given me over the years."

Carly Kohler - Payroll Officer

"For me, the environment in which I work is very important, including whom I work with and for. Since I started here at MPi, I’ve always felt a part of a close team. Each role here is important in its own right and contributes to the bigger picture, and being able to be a part of that makes working so much more enjoyable. It is such a supportive, driven and encouraging atmosphere which I think is so rare to find in the workplace. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I have only been here for 6 months, as it feels like I’ve been with the MPi family for years. I look forward to the challenges and successes the future holds for me here at this wonderful company.”"

Keeli Robson - Senior Accountant

"I have been at MPi since September 2014 as the Senior Accountant. I have quite a varied background having been involved in internal and external auditing, financial accounting and company secretarial work, often within, or, consulting to mining companies. I love working with those in the MPi Accounts team and the wider MPi group. Everyone is very positive and keen to produce their best work. But while it is a highly motivated team environment there is still plenty of opportunity to have fun with work mates.

I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the development of my own role at MPi, but I also appreciate the support given to me by management. The work is interesting and I love the interaction with MPi team mates."

Sarah Piscioneri - Consultant

"MPi truly is a special place to work, where you are able to be yourself, work hard and have some fun along the way. Since starting as a Recruitment/Office Administrator over 12 Months ago I have been given endless opportunities and development and am now working as a Recruitment Consultant which I thoroughly enjoy! It is a very special thing to have the ongoing support and encouragement of the entire team both in Perth and Kalgoorlie and I look forward to being with MPi for a very long time!"

Sarah was with MPi from March 2014 to February 2016.

Brad Thorp - Manager Recruitment Operations

"After working in the mining industry for eight years and holding a number of different jobs from being a Driller through to a Process Plant Supervisor, my wife and I decided we wanted to see if we could make a life for ourselves in Perth. In 2001 we moved from Newman in WA’s Pilbara to Perth with no real idea of what I might do.

I had thought about recruiting but didn’t really think anyone in Perth would take on someone that had absolutely no experience. I had a couple of months to find a job otherwise I was going to go back to mining and doing FIFO.

I responded to a Mining People ad looking for a Recruitment Administrator. I had no idea who Mining People were but after a bit of research I realised they were a good bunch to work for and was lucky enough to be offered the job.

I’ve been with MPi for over 14 years now and it has given me the most awesome opportunities, better than I could have imagined. I get to travel to mine sites all over Australia, I’ve lived in Brisbane for two and a half years, I’ve helped our clients recruit whole project teams right across Australia. It’s never dull. I’ve also completed an MBA, had three kids and every step of the way I’ve been supported by MPi. As a company we understand what family really means and that, yes, we need to work hard but we also need to take holidays, attend school sports carnivals and sometimes leave work to help sort out things like kids broken arms.

So the work life balance, the success, the hard work, the fun have made this a great journey so far.

Looking forward to the next 14 years."

Brad was with MPi from 2001 to 2018.

Samantha Ware - Consultant Client Services

"I started with MPi in December 2012 and could not have been happier with my decision. I initially started as a Recruitment Consultant in our Workforce team however a position arose in May 2013 for a Business Developer, the exact career path I wanted to follow! The transition between roles was not easy but management and the entire team have been there to support me along the way. I am now working in a role that is challenging, yet very satisfying and I am able to spend every day with some of my closest friends.

I can easily say that MPi’s values are a big reason as to why we are a market leader today. I love being able to confidently tell a client that we will do everything we can to find them the right person and know our team will do exactly that. I am very thankful to be a part of our caring MPi Family."

Sam was with MPi from January 2013 to January 2017

Nicky O'Brien - Manager Business Support

"I started with MPi after seeing a very creative job advertisement ...

It struck me from the outset, that there was something really different about the way this company conducted business. After initially accepting another role and realizing what a mistake I’d made, I ate humble pie and contacted MPi again, to see if this position was still available. Fortunately for me it was, and the rest is history!

This is my 4th year with MPi and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve been grown and stretched, but I’m grateful for both the trust and the encouragement I receive here. My role has changed significantly since I started, but that’s just another amazing thing about MPi. It’s never static! Change, innovation and technology play a huge part in our thinking and our culture and we don’t get stuck on ‘what happened yesterday’ or do things simply because ‘that’s the way we always do things’. It’s fresh, creative, supportive and fun!"

Nicky was with MPi from September 2011 to September 2016.

Jasmine Cole - Consultant Candidate Services

"I have recently joined the MPi team and certainly do not regret my decision to take on my position as Consultant – Candidate Services. The internal staffing numbers are a little different to what I’m used to having come from a smaller recruitment agency , but the company as a whole has made me feel very welcome from day one. I feel extremely supported in whatever career path I choose to take with MPi and very much look forward to being a part of the team for years to come!"

Suz Thorp - Supervisor Commercial Accounts

"I’ve been working at MPi in a part time capacity since 2006. As a mother of three boys, the flexibility MPi affords me is incredibly valuable as it allows me to be both mum and team member. This is not something you find in all work places but then again MPi is no ordinary work place. I guess as specialists in recruitment you’d expect that though! We have an awesome team with the excellent balance of independence, trust, commitment and fun. The many varying personalities within our team creates an awesome atmosphere which works well for me personally and makes for a great work life."

Elliot Mist - Online Marketing Consultant

"I started at MPi over 18 months ago now and it's been the best thing I could have done for my career! I was thrown in the deep end early but this has allowed me to learn and grow which I'll be grateful for, for the rest of my career. I worked for six companies in three years before MPi: I kept on moving around until I found the right company to commit to and I’ve found it here. The people are what make the culture at MPi so great and it's not something I'll ever take for granted."

Elliot was with MPi from June 2010 to February 2013.

Steve Heather - Managing Director

"My grandfather worked at South Crofty Tin mine in Cornwall, England. My father did too but eventually came to Western Australia to work in the Nickel mines. After qualifying as a Mining Engineer, I worked my way up to become an Operations Manager before experiencing what I described as an “early mid-life crisis” in my early 30’s. I wandered around doing “consulting” (ie not much) for a year or two before meeting my wife who knew a bit about generalist recruiting. Together with my knowledge of mining and a view that the mining game was poorly serviced by recruiters at that time, we started MPi, with two other partners.

We started with a simple idea being to give mining companies what no one else was giving them – expert advice and a laser like focus. We also had a few simple promises that we made to our candidate base, mainly around replying to them every time they contacted us and telling them the truth, whether we could or could not help them.

The third thing for us was to create a great and fun place to work where people learnt things constantly and felt that they were growing as people. Clients, Candidates, Suppliers and our terrific team of MPIer’s. It’s what we have tried to make it about over now more than 20 years."

Kerrie Adamson - Senior Office Administrator

"I started with MPi in August 2015 as the Senior Office Administrator. With a background in Mining, I was excited to join the team and understand the industry from another perspective - recruitment! The workplace environment is like no other and the team is beyond supportive. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring with MPi."

Kerrie Adamson - Senior Office Administrator

"I started working for MPi in April 2015 and as a Business Developer and am based in our Kalgoorlie Branch. I had come from a working in Finance over in Brisbane and had not worked in the recruitment industry but I felt I wanted to build a career with a reputable business and I always wanted to settle in WA.

We are now working in areas where we haven’t before and I am so happy that I have helped with the progression of the business. I have made some really good friends since I have started here and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for me. I’m extremely grateful to have joined a team that helps you learn and achieve mutual goals daily."

Phoebe was with MPi from April 2015 to February 2017.

Kylie Nunweek - Managing Consultant

"Commencing in the Kalgoorlie office as a Receptionist with MPi in 2005, I didn’t realise then just how lucky I was to have had the opportunity to work with such a great company who offer incredible growth and training.

Now, 10 years on, and holding a Management role, I am still offered those same tools, challenges and experiences that allow me to push and develop myself in everything I do.

Mike Hulbert - Consultant

"After enjoying an extensive career in the mining industry in Australia & as an expat, I made a big lifestyle change and decided to join the MPi team in Perth. My eyes have been opened to a different side of the industry which I thought I knew inside & out. Having been a candidate and client who only just peered over the fence into the recruitment industry my perception was shaken up indefinitely. It is only early days and MPi have already taken me under their wing and are helping steer my career in the direction of my choice.

The mining industry has become an incredibly institutionalised sector but MPi remain true to their core values, it is something you have to experience to understand. I’m looking forward to see where MPi will take me and where I can take them.

Lindsay Craig - Principal - Executive Search & Consulting

"I joined MPi in November 2015 to head up the Practice for Executive Search and Board Appointments. Having spent the last 17 plus years in Recruitment and Executive Search, I have known of MPi by reputation as an industry peer. I joined MPi to further broaden my expertise in the Mining Industry, specifically.

Having worked across the resource sector for many years, you think you know Mining. I can safely say that nobody knows mining and recruiting into this sector like Mining People do. So if you want to specialise in Mining Recruitment and learn from specialists who have worked on both sides of the mining industry, then MPI is the place to be.

Samantha McCarthy, Consultant
Samantha McCarthy, Consultant
Michelle Glossop, Senior Administrator/Office Support
Jasmine Hargreaves, Office/Recruitment Administrator
Gary Kearns, Senior Consultant
Sach Corbett, Business Development Administrator
Mike Warren, Senior Consultant
Tony Turton, Principal Consultant
Stuart Merrick, Senior Consultant
Gail Rodgers, Senior Consultant
Janelle Pack, Consultant
Jessica Kerr, Recruitment Administrator
Nicole Price, Senior Consultant
Michiel van Doorn, Commercial Manager
Sarah Felmingham, Senior Recruitment Administrator
Shane Moore, Manager - Workforce Operations
Alida van der Merwe, Consultant
Carly Kohler, Payroll Officer
Keeli Robson, Senior Accountant
Sarah Piscioneri, Consultant
Brad Thorp, Manager - Recruitment Operations
Samantha Ware, Consultant - Client Services
Nicky O'Brien, Manager - Business Support
Jasmine Cole, Consultant - Candidate Services
Suz Thorp, Supervisor - Commercial Accounts
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Steve Heather, Managing Director
Kerrie Adamson, Senior Office Administrator
Phoebe Plesko, Consultant - Client Services, Senior Office Administrator
Kylie Nunweek, Consultant.
Mike Hulbert, Consultant
Lindsay Craig, Principal - Executive Search

Our story is one of the best, looking for the best...

At MPi we are looking to build a team of team players that understand that to be the best, it helps if you are surrounded by the best. We understand that your career path is a life choice and if you choose to spend it helping us grow, we will help you grow - we need to push each other. If this sounds like a fair deal then contact us today.

We're always on the lookout for:

  • People with mine site experience that might want to learn how to become a Technical Recruitment Consultant.
  • People who are good with sales and business development, from any fields.
  • Experience Recruitment Consultants.

Our MPi office in Hay street, West Perth
Our MPi office in Hay street, West Perth