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The Mining Life Cycle

Exploration and mining companies often experience rapid life cycle changes. From exploration to discovery, through to feasibility studies, often running in parallel with a heavy capital raising phase. Moving through mine development and design & construction and commissioning of mineral processing facilities and eventually into production, requires a diversity of talent.

These phases create unique human resource planning challenges and demand unique skill sets at different stages of the mining life cycle.

Skills Gaps

We help you zero in on skills gaps within your teams based upon the direction of your organisation and your current stage of the exploration, mine development, construction and production life cycle.

We look forward and help you identify what your organisation must have for the next stage of development.

Mining Industry Talent Mapping

We can then advise on where that talent might be found and if necessary, create targeted talent maps and pools and eventually implement a recruitment strategy to identify and screen that talent.   

For an initial discussion or for a targeted proposal, please connect with Gail.

Gail Rogers

Gail Rogers
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