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Current Poll

Should Adani’s Queensland coalmine go ahead or not?

It is almost two years since we ran a poll on Adani’s Carmichael coalmine and the issue remains unresolved. Recently, former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown formed a ‘Stop Adani Convoy’ to hold protests along Australia’s eastern coast, before ending with a protest outside Federal Parliament in Canberra. The mine is a major fault line in this month’s Federal Election. The Liberal/National Party is broadly supportive, as are major Australian unions. The Australian Labor Party has not made a clear statement in either support or opposition to the mine. As a participant in the mining industry, we are keen to know your view.

Do you think the mine should proceed?
If YES, on what grounds do you believe it should proceed?
If NO, on what grounds do you believe it should be refused?
Please also help us with some details about yourself. Please note that your vote remains anonymous. Do you live in Queensland?
Do you work in the Queensland mining industry?
Have you seen or heard any of the reporting on Adani’s proposed Carmichael Mine?

Thank you for taking part in our poll. We’re collecting responses throughout May. The results will be announced in our newsroom in June.

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