Dec 10, 2018

After reflecting on a solid mining recruitment year we say thank you!

December brings reflection, and at MPi it also brings forward-looking optimism.

Dec 18, 2017

Jobs up as figures show post-boom mining slump is over

The latest employment, economic and insolvency figures show Australian mining is on the up.

Dec 13, 2017

Are you miserable at work?

You don't have to settle for being miserable at work.

Statue of a lady holding hand weld weights
Dec 06, 2017

Mining's gender pay gap: have your say!

We want to know your thoughts and experiences about the gender pay gap in mining in Australia.

truck in ice
Dec 05, 2017

Reflect, recharge, restart

December starts with reflection and then ends, for us at MPi, looking forward with a sense of optimism. So, what has happened this year?

Sep 14, 2017

How to change, adapt and be ready for a future in mining

Mining jobs are changing fast. Here is how you can skill yourself so you're prepared for future industry needs.

'EQUAL' spelled out in Scrabble tiles
Sep 05, 2017

MPI poll: Does the mining industry embrace diversity?

As Australia debates marriage equality, we ask just how well the mining industry embraces diversity.

Volcano, lava, magma
Sep 01, 2017

Why your next mine site could also be a supervolcano

US scientists say the next big source of lithium could well be supervolcanoes.

Sunset in the Australian outback
Aug 31, 2017

Is mining being let down?

The Western Australian Government's inquiry into the impact of FIFO work practices on mental health was tabled in Parliament on 18 June 2015. Has anything been done since then?

Open pit all lit up
Aug 31, 2017

Alarming new statistics about mining's drug issue

Drug use in Australia's mining industry is a worsening issue, according to new survey results.

Aug 01, 2017

6 technological advances set to change mining forever

What innovations are changing mining and mining jobs? And what other innovations are just around the corner?

Miner wearing a Rio Tinto hard hat and a truck in the background
Jul 27, 2017

Trend: New mining jobs cropping up in Australia

New openings are starting to appear in Australia for trainees, apprentices and graduate mining jobs.

Male and female miners in high vis and hard hates
Jul 25, 2017

Where are people 'really' finding their mining industry jobs?

What's the most effective method for getting a job in the mining industry?

Broken open piggy bank
Jun 27, 2017

5 tips for mining industry workers at tax time

Here are 5 top tax tips to help you get the most out of your tax return this year.

Silhouette of 2 miners outside a mine shaft
Jun 26, 2017

Why you need a career mentor (and how to find one)

Know where you want your career to go and how you'll get there? If not, it might be time to get a mentor.

Water glass, espresso mug, smart devices on a cafe table
Jun 19, 2017

Have you chosen the right referee for your resume?

Choosing the right referee can land you the right job. Here's what you (and your referee) need to know.

Paper scrunched into a ball
Jun 19, 2017

What to consider before you quit your job

So, you're unhappy at work and you're thinking about quitting. But is the grass really greener on the other side?

Open pit coal mine
Jun 13, 2017

What are the facts about Adani's Carmichael Coal Mine?

Adani's proposed Carmichael coal mine is proving controversial. So, what are the facts?

Man sitting in a park
Jun 12, 2017

Depression and mining: What to do if you're depressed

Working in isolated regions can often take its toll on FIFO workers. Here's what to do if you're feeling depressed.

Miner sitting in the sun overlooking the camp
Jun 07, 2017

Mining job opportunities for Indigenous Australians

How does Australia's mining industry ensure local Aboriginal people get a good share of job opportunities created?