3 big ways mining recruiters can help you (that you probably didn’t know about)

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If you’re looking for a mining job, there are plenty of very good reasons to use a specialist mining recruiter, including several you might not have considered.

If you want to know all the usual reasons people use recruitment consultants, you can read this article, or even this article.

Here are three big ways a specialist mining recruiter can help you that you may not have known about.

Getting progress information and feedback

Sometimes the hardest part about applying for a job is waiting to hear back if you got it or not.

When you apply for a role directly, you don’t always get a response and it’s rare to have a contact name or number for the person who is reviewing your application, so there’s no opportunity to ask. This is where a recruitment consultant can really help.

The recruiter generally communicates with either the HR/Recruitment Lead for the job, or with the Hiring Manager directly. When a mining company engages with a recruitment company to source their personnel, they have an obligation to respond to the recruiter with either an update on the progress of the application or feedback on their interest within two to four days from receiving your resume.

So, your recruiter can keep you updated on your application and inform you if there have been any delays along the way.

Complete onboarding services

In some cases, a recruiter’s working relationship with a mining company is so well established the miner might choose to not interview you at all. They simply trust that the recruiter will source the right person and, based on our recommendations, they’ll happily proceed to the next stage.

At Mining People, this is where our onboarding team comes into play. (That’s right, we have people in our team who specialise in getting all of the site forms, licencing and documentation, medical components and any other information needed, specifically so you can be mobilised quickly.) This allows you to focus on attending your appointments and allows your recruiter to focus on getting you out there as quickly and smoothly as possible.


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Once your new site has accepted all your pre-employment components, your recruiter will be given the go-ahead to prepare your contract of employment and book any inductions, flights, accommodation or training you need to undergo on your first few days on site. Your recruiter will arrange for you to receive your contract and they will provide you with any site-issued uniforms or PPE you’ll need.


Ongoing advice after you start

So, you got the job and you’ve made your start. Congratulations! It’s not over yet, though!

Reputable recruiters will remain available for you, 24/7, if you need help with things like approaching your supervisor for a day off, easily processing your timesheet for Monday morning’s payroll, determining what to do if you’re offered another job after starting this one, or learning how the payroll transition process works after your probation is finished.


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A good recruiter will keep in touch, just to make sure you’re happy and comfortable in your role. In many cases, they’ll keep in contact with you long after your transition occurs and you are working permanently in your new job. (Although, it’s worth noting, while your profile remains active on a recruiter’s database, they should only contact you as often as you give them permission to.)


If you’d like to take advantage of everything a specialist recruiter can deliver, get in touch with Mining People.

Kylie Nunweek
Mining People International