7 tips to stop you losing good employees to burnout

Are your high-performing employees resigning because they 'want to try something new'?

Are you losing good members of your team because of burnout? Here's what to do.

It’s called burnout and it is by no means a new term, – but it has become an epidemic that has caused companies to lose great employees over many years. Somehow, though, burnout has stayed under the radar as to the true reason many employees resign.

The good news is. burnout can be identified and rectified before it’s too late.

Here are a few things you can do to help employees avoid reaching the burnout stage:

  • Become aware of it. It’s hard to put measures in place to avoid something that you’re not keeping an eye out for and not keeping top of mind.

  • Notice if a hardworking employee’s behaviour or attitude in the workplace changes or if your high-performing team starts to lose focus. Raise it with them immediately rather than assuming it will pass. Be open to suggestions about how the situation can improve.

  • Change it up a bit. Sometimes even a small break from a regular routine can generate a positive result from a team or employee’s performance. This could be anything from taking your usual morning meeting outdoors, throwing a BBQ lunch on a Friday or even playing music in the workplace for the last hour of the day.

  • Offer some flexibility. Explore options for a roster change or perhaps introduce a rostered day off once a month. If it can be done and produces high performance when they’re at work, why wouldn’t you?

  • Ensure your team understands the objective. Teams or individuals within the team who aren’t clear on the priorities will either spend too much time on one task or spread themselves thin across multiple tasks at once, thus causing them to burn out.

  • Understand your employees’ ambitions. When an employee has a purpose, it gives them something to strive for. Regularly communicate with your employee to discuss how they’re going to achieve their goals and what they can do to stay on track.

  • Many hands make light work. Ensure your team is fully staffed for the job. If employees are having to work harder because of lack of staff, they can burn out faster. Even hiring a casual for a fixed term can alleviate the extra pressures that come with those bigger jobs.

If any of this is ringing true to you or your team right now, consider all of the points above. And if MPi can help alleviate any staffing voids, give us a call.

Kylie Nunweek
Mining People International