8 tips to ensure a successful mining job application


As the mining jobs are rolling in, here are 8 tips to ensure a successful mining job application.

Candidates may be in high demand in the Australian mining industry right now, but that’s no excuse to not put your best foot forward during the application process.

Standing out from the crowd is about more than a killer resume (although it is also essential, and we have some tips for resumes here). It’s about making the extra effort to shine throughout the process.

Many people submit bulk CVs, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. Adding a little extra detail and attention to the process can help you to stand out from the bunch.

Follow these eight tips for a successful mining employment application.

1. Read the advert carefully

The first step to making an impression is showing that you have read and clearly understood the advert, by tailoring your application accordingly. If there are skills you lack or excel at, which are listed, mention this. It shows you have taken time.

2. Answer all questions on the application

Be sure that you answer all questions requested by the hiring company; failing to do so is a quick signal that you don’t care enough to be thorough.


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3. Research the employer

Doing a little extra due diligence can help you learn things to boost your application. Do you know someone who works there? Do they have a system that you have worked with before or a specialisation that you also have? Mention this on your application.

4. Tailor your cover letter or “about me” section

Using the information you’ve gleaned in the advert and your research of the employer, tailor your cover letter to highlight what you have that they want.

5. Be concise

Employers will have many applications to go through. Be mindful of their time and write your application as concisely as possible. If anything you’ve written is not communicating something of value for the employer to know, get rid of it. That includes longwinded stories that lead to an explanation. Keep it brief.

6. Match their language

Many organisations use different titles or keywords when talking about the same thing. Pay attention to the language they use in the advert and questions and match this throughout your application so that the hiring manager can easily see you match what they need.


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7. Select references carefully

Select references that are most appropriate to the role for which you are applying. For example, if you are applying for a management role, use references who can attest to your management capabilities. Same goes if you’re applying for a role that uses a special piece of equipment: select a reference who can indicate how you operate this.

8. Quality check

Read it over a few times before you send. Check that it reads well and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Put it through a system like Grammarly to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Mining employment processes don’t have to be daunting. Taking a little extra time will help you feel confident about what you are submitting and, in turn, it will show the mining recruitment consultant that you are serious about the application and will put the effort in to show them.

If you have new experiences or changed your contact details, make sure to update your jobseeker profile to ensure we can get in touch with you when the right opportunity comes along.


Stephanie O'Brien
Mining People International