The mining jobs boom is here. What next?

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The mining boom in Australia is here. Here's what's happening, and how to get one of 20,000 jobs.

Over the last year or two we have seen the investment cycle gradually restart, mining employment increase and now an initiative from the mining industry and Government to train and attract the mining workers of the future. Everything is lined up. We’re ready for the next mining boom.

Looking at the Job Index report, the mining industry in Australia has seen a 32.1 per cent increase in job opportunities in just the last 12 months. Of these opportunities, 60 per cent are permanent, indicating a push from mining organisations to lock in talent for the upcoming war for talent.

20,000 mining jobs are on their way

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy recently predicted there to be an increase of 20,000 local mining jobs by next financial year.

Iron ore and lithium are the two primary creators of these opportunities. Just last month, two major projects were announced. The largest of the two is the development of the Eliwana iron ore mine and rail project by Fortescue, which just approved a $1.7 billion investment This project will create 1900 construction jobs and 500 full-time positions once operations have started.

Predicted to begin a little sooner is the new lithium refinery at Kwinana in Western Australia, by Western Australia Lithium. This project is expected to create around 400 new mining related jobs and is forecast to commence mid-2019. As the demand for lithium increases globally — with Australia set to provide the lion’s share of the commodity worldwide — this is a space we expect will continue to require new jobs in the coming years.

The mining jobs boom is here: what now?

News of a boom always comes with excitement. But what mining employees and employers alike need is direction on what to do next. For candidates, it’s all good news! For mining HR departments, this is likely to be causing cold sweats and crisis meetings to explore how they’re going to find people to meet these needs. Here are some solutions for HR teams to consider.

For candidates looking to take advantage of the boom. Here’s what to do next.

If you have relevant mining skills already and you want a change, or you’re looking at getting back into the industry, register with us here at MPi to discuss opportunities.

Minedex is an online resource specifically design to help new people to the mining industry. So, if you are an entry level candidate there are many entry level job opportunities which you can explore in more detail here.

If you have transferable skills from a different industry, you can read more about opportunities for this here

As demand for great talent increases, there is an excellent opportunity for those outside of the industry to get a leg up in the mining industry in Australia. In many cases, skills will trump direct mining experience.

MPi has been working in the mining industry in Australia for more than two decades. We have watched boom and bust and work hard to keep our candidates, clients and industry informed on what’s around the corner. For more mining news, visit the MPi Newsroom.

Stephanie O'Brien
Mining People International
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