Take the test... The behaviors of leaders and non - leaders, how does it differ?

This article was based on one spotted in the Cultural Intelligence newsletter produced by Steve Simpson of Keystone Management. We have quoted Steve's work before as a leading writer and speaker on the subject of corporate culture. For more information visit www.keystone-management.com.

Recent research carried out by keystone management focussed on the behaviours exhibited by non-managers to the extent that these behaviours contributed positive and negatively towards organisational culture.

We will produce the whole article in a later edition but in summary.

Positive behaviours included:

  • Modelling other positive behaviours.
  • Possessing a mind-set that was positive and solutions orientated.
  • Proactively challenging negative behaviour displayed by others.

Negative behaviours included:

  • Participating in gossip and/or spreading rumours.
  • Focussing on fulfilling only the minimal requirements of the job.
  • Resisting management requests.
  • Displaying negativity or taking a cynical view.
  • Isolating people who don’t comply with ‘the way we do it around here’.
  • Complaining about or ridiculing management.

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